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The IDP Foundation Image Processing Laboratory Takes Cardiovascular Research to New Heights

July 2018
July 2018
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Researchers and students at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine now have a dedicated space for the analysis of all cardiovascular imaging, thanks to the opening of a new facility funded by the IDP Foundation (IDPF).

Over the last year, IDPF has supported Dr. James D. Thomas, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology, and his team through the Heart Valve Disease Research Program. The establishment of the IDP Foundation Image Processing Laboratory has become crucial in performing important cardiovascular research, including the utilization of the in vitro fluid simulation model that mimics leaky or too-tight heart valves. The new space also provides a collaboration center for clinicians, engineers, and scientists to interact, develop and test new analysis software. The lab has been transformative for the program and all who use it.

Researchers utilizing the IDP Foundation Image Processing Laboratory

“This image processing lab has been the most important facilitator of my research in the fellowship,” A Clinical Fellow on the importance of the new IDPF Lab

In addition to the Image Processing Lab, the team has leveraged IDPF support for a number of fascinating projects. One such project is conducting exercise echocardiograms in 70 elite college basketball players taking part in the NBA draft. The IDP Foundation Image Processing Lab was used to analyze the strain patterns in the athletes, marking the first time a study like this has been undertaken. Additionally, thanks to the advanced capabilities of the IDPF Lab, researchers have been looking at Takotsubo syndrome (better known as “broken heart” syndrome), one of the great mysteries in cardiology. The researchers have identified more than 100 such patients with Takotsubo syndrome, and have conducted detailed analyses in the IDPF Lab.

The IDP Foundation is always proud to support research programs and scientists, like Dr. Thomas and his team, to produce groundbreaking research creating lasting impact in the medical field.

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