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IDPF Grant Yields Important Skin Cancer Findings

June 2018
June 2018
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The IDP Foundation (IDPF) is proud to announce that IDPF-funded research scientist, Dr. Pedram Gerami, has published important new discoveries on diagnosing melanoma.

Dr. Gerami is the director of the Skin Cancer Institute of Northwestern Medical Group and the Melanoma Clinic in the Department of Dermatology. As a researcher, he actively works on developing different approaches to understanding melanoma, predicting its behavior and developing methods for early diagnosis. His latest research, entitled “Distinct Patterns of Acral Melanoma Based on Site and Relative Sun Exposure”, focuses on acral melanomas, a type of melanoma occurring on the hands and feet.

Prior to this study, it was believed that all acral melanomas had the same genetic make-up. Dr. Gerami’s research discovered that there are three distinct genetic patterns of acral melanomas. Specifically, melanomas occurring on the soles of feet, the palms of hands and nails are not typically caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is how most melanomas occur. Dr. Gerami’s remarkable findings will significantly change the way dermatologists diagnose and treat melanomas in the future.

Dr. Gerami’s research was made possible through the IDPF Research Scientists Fund, which provides distinguished experts at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and its affiliated centers with crucial resources to fund groundbreaking research. IDPF grants remain fundamental to Northwestern’s growth as one of the nation’s top medical, educational, and research institutions.
The IDP Foundation has given me the support and opportunity to further develop novel molecular techniques for diagnosis of complex melanocytic neoplasms and melanoma so that patients can get the most accurate and appropriate diagnosis and treatment. – Dr. Pedram Gerami

The IDP Foundation is proud to support innovative research scientists like Dr. Gerami who are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through pioneering research. His findings are published in the February 2018 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

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